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Do you want engaged employees who are wholeheartedly focused at work and committed to the company's interests?
According to the Gallup Engagement Index, companies and organizations have been facing the problem for many years that, on average, around 80% of employees consider themselves to be less engaged in their jobs or even admit to having quit internally.

This means that eight out of ten people are engaged daily in an occupation that does not suit them and does not help them describe their lives as good, strong, fulfilled or successful. This is an enormous waste of life and creative time, which is not only missed by companies but by society as a whole and, of course, by each individual.

Designing Your Future

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    Because employees perform at their best when their tasks best fit their strengths & talents.

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    Because engagement increases when employees are satisfied and successful in what they do.

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    Because motivation increases when own strengths and talents become the compass.

Workshops and Concepts

We are here to support you, your company, and your employees
in designing the future together.

Corporate development:

  • Transformation and change processes
  • Restructuring and outplacement
  • Establishment of the strength-oriented corporate culture

Team development:

  • Team development, especially with agile working methods
  • Strengthening of self-responsibility and creative competence
  • Onboarding

Employee development:

  • Employee development and retention
  • Talent and competence development
  • Career planning and career paths

1. Identification of talents

Everybody has unique talents. Simply most people are not aware; they do not know what they are exceptionally good at. Yet our talents – our natural patterns of thinking, feeling and acting – are the basis for personal success and well-being.

Talents cannot be learned; they are the basis for strengths. Talents become strengths by constantly practicing them, reflecting on them, and enriching them with knowledge and learned skills.


For talent identification, we use the renowned CliftonStrengths® online assessment from Gallup.

We support your employees in discovering their individual talents and developing them into strengths. Based on your preferences, we do this in individual and team coaching sessions. Our approach focuses on the employee’s personal success and satisfaction as well as the success of the team and the organization.

2. Development of perspectives

How do I want to design my life in the context of my work? Our workshops support participants in becoming aware of their compass for a good life and a satisfying career.

Using a systematic approach, our workshop participants will develop several tangible perspectives of their own future and start planning and implementing first steps.

Design Thinking – innovative mindset

With the methods of Design Thinking, perspectives and concrete steps arise for the design of a (professional) life that is individually coherent.

The mindset of Design Thinking provides the tools for shaping one's own career path, dealing with transformations and making conscious decisions.

Create experiences, build your compass, experiment and implement...

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Our approach is adjustable to different formats according to your situation and preferences – either in English or German.

Digitale workshop

digitaler Workshop

Onsite workshop

Praesenz Workshop

Individual coachings


About us

Being both coaches and facilitators, we work with companies, teams and individuals.

For larger demands, we draw on our network of additional competent and trusted colleagues.

Silke Klees

Silke Klees

  • Certified Co-Active© Coach
  • Certified Strengths Coach (Gallup© CliftonStrengths)

Silke Klees brings many years of international experience in IT consulting, including working at and with SAP. This extensive experience clearly impacts her work – with a strong view and enthusiasm for change and development opportunities.

Top 5 talents according to Gallup®: Individualization, Strategic, Input, Connectedness, and Relator.

"I've always been fascinated by change. Possibilities arise. 'Possibilist' aptly describes me. My vision is for as many people as possible to find an activity according to their natural talents and thus experience fulfilment."

Visit me at:

Kaj-Ariane Fischer

Kaj-Ariane Fischer

  • Professional Co-Active© Coach
  • Certified Strengths Coach (Gallup® CliftonStrengths)

Kaj-Ariane Fischer has worked for many years as an HR professional in various roles, including global roles, within the IKEA Group. Her view encompasses the specifics of individual concerns as well as the essentials of the associated structures.

Top 5 talents according to Gallup®: Connectedness, Strategic, Relator, Adaptability, and Ideation.

"What is it really all about? What really excites me is finding out together and linking the relevant measures individually, for a team, or larger structures."

Visit me at:



Thank you, we look forward to the successful cooperation and your trust!

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